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Greenberg Energy Ltd (GEL) is an energy-focused, solution driven company with experience in energy company with expertise in upstream, midstream and downstream development in the  Oil & Gas sector not limited too consultancy & project management in the energy sector. GEL’s business model is premised on the utilization of our core skills in project identification, project evaluation, structuring, and development for the profitable production of technically advantageous oil and gas assets towards the mutual benefit of our shareholders, our host country/community and our employees. In the upstream sector, GEL has the capability to offer a complete solution from geological and geophysical studies to engineering, procurement, drilling, production and field development. Our Strength is our people, who posses multifaceted  expertise in all areas of the industry. 

Building on the expertise and excellence in upstream and downstream projects including LNG & petrochemicals, GEL is also well positioned to leverage this experience to provide management and engineering consultancy services in the areas of power generation, oil and gas, natural gas processing, ammonia, methanol and urea production. Within last years we have focused on developing our trading division, which we deal in petroleum products such as diesel, naphtha, aviation fuel,  Bitumen, LPG etc.



Greenberg Energy primary strategy is in the identification, participation, and development of energy and ventures with significant upside potential. Given the broad skills range in our corporate capability, GEL is best placed to enhance our shareholder and investor value through the application of the most appropriate technology and utilization of innovative production methods while minimizing upfront development risks for all stakeholders. 

As markets Open up, new opportunities are created 



Our global reach means we have a presence and local expertise wherever in the world energy is sourced, produced, stored, transported, traded or needed.The diversity of our expertise and experience indicates that we truly understand the markets in which we operate.


Trading is the engine of our business, and energy in many different forms is the resource we trade the most. in fact, almost all of our activities are driven by trading from exploration to shipping and storage more than simply a tree linking every aspect of what we do, trading is the conduit through which we receive and share vital market information, maintain the balance and flow of our liquidity, and forge lasting, rewarding relationships with customers globally. 

We take pride in our ability to take on difficult, complex projects and deliver effective solutions quickly and transparently. Because our partnership model is based on collective responsibility, we are careful to asses risk exposure on the ground, in local markets where we can see the real connection between cause and effect.

The main tenets of the GEL strategy are premised on the following;


1. To enter into joint ventures with complimentary companies to maximize energy sector and construction opportunities in local, regional and international markets,

2. The redevelopment of mature onshore and offshore Oil & Gas fields using modern, advanced recovery technologies and production techniques, both being coupled with innovative, locally tailored, operating methods;

3. Physical trading & supply of oil and petroleum products, including, Natural Gas, Bitumen, LNG & LPG

4. Project Development to secure markets within the energy Industry whereby providing integrated solutions to our customers.

5. General Oilfield services and equipment supply


Greenberg Energy is an emerging leader in the development and rapidly delivery, small medium and large-scale power solutions around the world. Through various modular, turnkey power plants, we can help run cities, countries and industries around the globe with our key focus on emerging markets. Our mission is to power the progress of the communities we serve by providing cost-efficient reliable electricity, on a fast-track basis, anywhere in the world.

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