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While power projects can be complex by nature, our business model and process is simple – we build, own and operate rapidly-deployed mobile power plants for customers who then pay us for a combination of the electricity we produce and access to the available generation capacity we provide. Our facilities may vary by type and technology, of fuel  and can be designed either for temporary application or long-term use. At the end of contract term, we may then extend operation with the customer, demobilize the plant for use in other projects, or in some instances, sell the plant to the customer with optional Operation and Maintenance contract (O&M).

By using advanced technology, proprietary plant system design and industry-leading expertise, Our solutions are fuel-efficient, flexible and scalable. Since we cover all aspects of power plant delivery and operation, our customers benefit from a full-turnkey solution without having to provide any up-front capital investment as required with a permanent plant. Our customers also benefit from the widest range of existing and new generation technologies in the industry, which may operate on a variety of fuel-flexible, dual-fuel and bi-fuel platforms, including diesel, HFO, LNG, natural gas and LPG.

By working with Greenberg Energy we offer a single sourced, all-inclusive solution which included fuel supply and can be tailored to meet the customers requirement.

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